Independent space for research and ideation of proposals so that anyone can eat better, through the intersection between humanities, design and science.

Because we put the person who eats at the center of our analysis, designing services and experiences through empathy and human focus, so that our contribution is not only a new service or product, but also a desired, feasible and viable solution.

Through the observation and analysis of the journey from 'food to the fork', we identify the pain points and gaps.

We co-create projects together with agents of change and innovation to provide solutions or propose challenges that resolve the gaps found.

From the eater position, we observe what obstacles hinder the acquisition, preparation and consumption of food.
Through eater journeys, we analyse in detail all the points of contact with brands and services, detecting the points of friction that arise in the processes of choice, decision, purchase and consumption.
All this knowledge allows us to detect those opportunities for optimization or creation of products and services that alleviate the most urgent difficulties that people face every day at mealtime.

The exploration of new challenges and the search for innovative solutions that are useful to society require close collaboration with innovative agents and change facilitators.
At EaterLab we work with user-centered design methodologies that allow us to provide knowledge of the people who are going to consume, acquire or use the products and services, and thus ensure that the entire ecosystem works according to their needs and deficiencies.

We participate in the entire ideation process, with design methodologies for brands, products and services, and technological and innovation knowledge.